Our vision

Our goal with this project, is to encourage teenage girls to believe that who and what they are, is enough. To equip them with the tools, advice and mentor-ship they need, so they can be the powerful, fierce and amazing women they are. 

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About Us

The Power Woman Project hosts empowerment workshops once a month, for teen girls. There are currently two branches; one in Cape Town run by Keri Stroebel, and one in Gauteng run by Lee Landsberg. .

Our aim to equip young women with the tools to be confident, strong, make great impressions, be true to themselves, discover their passions and follow their goals. We teach them the basics of social media safety, business strategies, how to budget and handle finances. The workshops also include lessons on self-defence tactics, how to eat healthy and exercise. We teach them personal hygiene and grooming, and even how to get a beauty routine that works for teens.

The Workshops

Workshops take place monthly, and each workshop focuses on a different topic. 

Everything from confidence building, social media safety and self-defense to puberty, sexual health and knowledge, makeup, style, skincare, entrepreneurship and health and fitness.

Take a look at our curriculum for more on what’s coming up!


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Bank: Capitec Savings

Bank Account: 1555399531

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  • 065 968 9121
  • keri@thepowerwomanproject.co.za
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