Power Women are fiercely ambitious, vocal about their rights and passionate about taking responsibility for their own growth. Power Women take control of their lives in order to have full and equal enjoyment of all rights and freedoms. This is women empowerment.

The Power Woman Project partners with South Africans who support women to take control of their life choices. The Power Woman Project is growing the next generation of economically independent women who will lead South Africa into real freedom.

The Power Woman Project has continued to evolve since being founded in 2016. From weekend retreats on basic confidence for teens, to monthly events on different topics. 2018 see's the next evolution into quarterly events on real topics that affect real women today!

There are so many fabulous women's empowerment events all over the place, and they do such a brilliant job of inspiring and creating the important networks that women really need. The Power Woman Project is taking it to a different level, and talking about topics like gender equality in the workplace, self-defence, rape culture, sexuality, and feminism as it affects women of colour.

The Power Woman Project if focused on the WOMAN. There is a very important reason we use the singular, instead of the plural. The project is YOU. By hosting these important discussions, we encourage guests to collaborate in the discussion, instead of simply sitting back and listening to speakers. Paid events give away to sponsored events, where can actively reach our underprivileged women and empower them as well. There is not a single woman in this country who does not deserve access to the information needed to take control of their futures. 



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Have a question? Want to become a sponsor, donor or speaker? Get in touch with us!

Head office: Durbanville, Cape Town

Whatsapp: 065 968 9121

Email: keri@thepowerwomanproject.co.za

Skype: keri.stroebel

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