Shekhinah – A Power Woman that didn’t give up!


I don’t know about you, but we’re LOVING Shekhinah’s story right now!

Who is Shekhinah?

Shekhinah Thandi Donnell was born in 1994 in Durban, South Africa, and she is showing young women all over South Africa what happens when you embrace your journey and keep pushing forward! You’ll know her from hits like “Back to the Beach with Kyle Deutsch and “Let you know” with Sketchy Bongo.
Keri Stroebel - Power Woman Project Founder
Keri STroebel

If you don’t yet know her story, Shekhinah has entered Idols TWICE! She made top 32 and top 6 in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Why does this matter? It has long been said that we never hear from our Idols after a few singles in their winning year, and few actually go on to have successful music careers.
Shekhinah however, used this experience and her passion for music to push right through the competition and go on to have a GOLD certified album in 2018, 6 years after Idols.
Her voice is unique and you can’t deny that everything she does is catchy AF! The music industry seems to agree, and she’s been nominated for a Metro FM music award, 4 SAMA’s and an MTV Africa music award. In 2018, she won all 3 awards she was nominated for at the SAMA’s, walking away with Newcomer of the Year, Album of the Year and Female artist of the year!
In her acceptance speech, Shekhinah said “Rose Gold is for women empowerment. We are killing it as women, let’s continue killing it as women of SA,”
Can we also take a moment to talk about how freaking gorgeous she is!
We are so excited to see what the future holds for this Power Woman – I can only believe that her future is VERY bright!

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