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Why we do what we do

Our aim to equip young women with the tools to be confident, strong, make great impressions, be true to themselves, discover their passions and follow their goals. We teach them the basics of social media safety, business strategies, how to budget and handle finances. The workshops also include lessons on self-defence tactics, how to eat healthy and exercise. We teach them personal hygiene and grooming, and even how to get a beauty routine that works for teens.

We find that many girls are struggling to find their place in the world. There is a lot of incorrect information being fed to them, so we place a lot of focus on loving yourself just as you are, yet digging deep to discover your passions and then giving them the tools they need to move forward in life with confidence and clarity.

Our Power Woman Coaches are passionate about their line of work and equally passionate about teaching young girls the necessary skills they need to better themselves. Their profiles can be viewed on our website here.


Donate towards our workshops and ensure that we keep attendance free  for whoever needs it!

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Hosted in both Cape Town and Gauteng for teen girls. We focus on a range of topics including confidence building, social media safety and self-defence. We also chat about puberty, sexual health & knowledge, makeup, style, skincare, entrepreneurship and health and fitness.

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Inspirational Breakfasts

Keep an eye out for our next inspirational breakfast! 2 hours with an incredible speaker and some yummy snacks!

Our Team

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Keri Stroebel

Keri is a digital marketing and life coach. She owns Empire Digital Marketing Studio She is also a motivational speaker on mental health and women empowerment. A former Mrs South Africa Semifinalist 2016 and Mrs Africa Finalist 2016, she is passionate about inspiring, motivating and coaching young woman to fulfil their potential. Keri started Power Woman Project in Cape Town in 2016 and has made a wonderful impact in the lives of young teen girls.

Lee Landsberg

Lee has been an interior designer & event planner for 10 years, and simultaneously, a personal life manager for high profile clientele and their families, for 16 years. Her passion has always been to bring beauty into any situation or circumstance, whether a living space, an event, or someone's personal daily life. Lee has always had a fiery passion to see every woman live out their true inner beauty and power. Lee worked with teen youth programs for many years, and so her dream of encouraging young woman to fulfil their potential comes to life with the launch of Power Woman Project Gauteng.

Our Story

Shortly after taking part in Mrs South Africa 2016, Keri Stroebel felt an enormous drive and calling to do what the competition had done for her. She wanted to do the same for others, and after doing a few motivational talks about her Mrs SA journey and her journey through post-partum depression, She recognised that it was our youth that needed this the most.

What began as Princess Boot Camp in 2016, has evolved into a full blown empowerment initiative for teen calls, called the Power Woman Project. We now have an annual curriculum, have just rebranded, brought on a director for Gauteng, and are relaunching in March 2018.

Each month we focus on a new topic, with the goal of closing off the year, having learnt all we can about becoming empowered women. Attending these workshops, the extra events, meeting phenomenal speakers and bringing even more passionate sponsors on board, this is our year to really impact the lives of our teen girls.

If you you would like to get involved in ANY way, get in touch with me at keri@thepowerwomanproject.co.za.

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