What is your story, and why does it matter?

We all have a story to tell. You might not think yours is worth sharing, but I promise you that whether you choose to share it or not, your story has huge meaning in everything you have done, and everything you plan to do.

Your story changes constantly as you go through life, making new decisions and doing new things. It is key to understanding yourself, and it’s time to get familiar with it.

What is your story?

Your history, is your story. Your upbringing, your beliefs and values. Your past experiences and relationships. They all play a role in the woman you are right now, and the woman you want to become, or are busy becoming.

I’d encourage everyone, to get really familiar with their story. Write it down. Act like you’re writing a book about your life, or giving an interview on Ellen. You don’t necessarily need to share this information with anyone, but you need to know, and most importantly, understand your story, in order to understand yourself.

Why does it matter?

It matters, because whether your story is positive, negative, or both, it is going to be the first step in discovering who you really are, and why you are the way you are.

Ladies, my story, is filled with happy childhood memories, sad and difficult childhood memories, heartbreak, bad decisions, financial ruin, a wonderful husband, beautiful son and loads of experiences in between. As I write, in detail, about each thing I can remember happening in my life until now, everything that stands out to me, has shaped the woman I am. By writing and then reading this story again, I began to understand who and why it affected me in certain ways. Why I made certain decisions,  and how they changed my future decisions and actions.

power woman project - what is your story and why does it matter?

Start at the beginning.

What are your earliest memories? What was your childhood like? Start by writing about your parents, your siblings, your early childhood memories, good and bad. Write about high school, friends and boyfriends. Write about experiences that stood out, or that you still remember, even if you can’t remember why they’re still in your memory.

Not only is this the foundation of figuring yourself out, but it’s going to give you some perspective on certain memories as well.


Flesh it out.

Your childhood and teenage years form a massive part of building who you are, but once you leave school, you start to become someone new.

Write about your first job, what it was like, how much you earned and what you did with your money? If you went to varsity, write more about that. Write about how you figured out what you wanted to do with your life, if you ever figured it out, or how you decided to study what you did. Write about the relationships you had, and friendships gained and lost.

Write the whole story, as much as you can remember, and pay attention to how it makes you feel. Pay attention to what your story has already taught you, and then pay attention to what it’s trying to teach you right now. You’ll more than likely start to see how many of your disappointments paved the way for something better, or taught you a very valuable lesson.

Now what?

Stop being ashamed of your story. Whatever the details are, you can use that information now to be better, to make changes and to move forward. Whether you use the information to create a business, or simply use it to heal, getting familiar with it, and making peace with it, is a great first step on the path to loving who you are.


your story and why it matters | power woman Project article

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  1. Mercia Isaacs says:

    I believe my story is important so NOT only parent’s can learn from it but kids should know how important it is to never be silent but to be heard

    1. Power Woman Project says:

      100% agreed!

  2. Keri-Lee did you write this piece? You are a talented and insightful author. Please don’t stop sharing your wisdom and knowledge!

    1. Power Woman Project says:

      I did yes. Thanks so much, I really appreciate that <3

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