Vanessa Hudson – A story of strength and survival

Vanessa Hudson has been dealt some tough blows, but join us in reading this inspirational story of strength and survival, through her own eyes.


Part 1 


My story of strength and survival through life’s toughest challenges. I was born into a tamil family made up of my parents, brother and sister and from the age of 2 we attended service with my mum. It was then that I had learnt about God. 

I always questioned my mum as to why my friends went to church and we went to the temple. She
explained that even though we prayed differently it was to the same God. She was very open with
me and told me that I was welcome to experience going to church with my friends. I didn’t quite
understand the concepts behind why we did certain things but my mum always maintained that no
matter which path I chose, to always be faithful, true and give the best of myself.

The morning of 28 July 1997, I kissed my dad and left for school, not knowing that was my last
goodbye. 2 hours later at school, I got called to the office. My sister and aunt was there to take me
home because dad was really ill. When I reached home, walked inside the house my mum looked at
me with tears in her eyes and said baby daddy’s gone.

My world came crashing down, my dad was gone…my daddy wasn’t going to be there to have the first dance at my sweet 16, to see me finish matric, to walk me down the aisle and my kids could never experience the love that he had to share. I stood there silently, with my backpack still on, I couldn’t move I could hear the sound as each tear dropped to the floor. My daddy is no longer here with me.. My protector, my comforter, my life and so much more. I believe that it was then my conversations with God really started. I didn’t know how to deal with this. All my conversations with God were filled with anger. I was upset with HIM and I told HIM so. Life seemed so unfair and I was only 11 years old. In 1999 during my first year of high school, I overheard my mum and brother speak about our finances and it was my school fees they were discussing.. I suddenly felt like such a burden! I felt alone. How could this be happening? 

I couldn’t take it anymore and made the decision to end my life. I swallowed a handful of tablets. I
couldn’t take it anymore , I felt like a burden without my dad. My mum found me in the bathroom
the next morning and rushed me to hospital she was devastated. After all the treatments I had to
see a counselor to discuss what weighed heavy on my heart.

Life carried on relatively smooth during high school and I matriculated with great results in 2003. In
2004, I started working at an adventure camp away from home. I met a guy there, who’s parents and
my parents were neighbours many years back. we both took a liking to each other. When I came back to Durban that weekend I bought a pregnancy test .The results were
overwhelming, confusion took over. I mean I had only been with him once. I went to a doctor who
confirmed that I was 12 weeks pregnant. 

Part two of Vanessa’s journey will be shared soon, look out for more of this amazing story!



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