Workshops and Retreats

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power woman project empowerment and confidence workshops and retreats south africa


Empowerment workshops and retreats are available for women aged 16 to 20, and 20+

Our full weekend retreats include accommodation, all lessons and activities, meals, refreshments and gifts.

Lessons and activities will cover confidence, mental health, wellness, self defense lessons, makeup lessons, business training, some great pampering and even some yoga!

Guest speakers will join to teach you everything you want to know about being a confident, empowered woman!

Bookings for each retreat are limited so click on the event you’re interested in below, and book your spot for 2018 today!

Power Woman Camp – Cape Town (16-20) | Feb 16, 2018 – Feb 18, 2018

Power Woman Empowerment Retreat – Cape Town (21+) | Mar 9, 2018 – Mar 11, 2018

Power Woman Camp – Gauteng (Ages 16-20) | Apr 20, 2018 – Apr 22, 2018