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    Confidence and Self reflection worksheet

    Confidence and Self reflection Worksheet Get to know and love yourself, and prepare to slay 2018!     It will come as no surprise to you, that the Power Woman Project is all about confidence and the drive to have YOU believe in your abilities. The first item in our new list of empowerment freebies, is the Confidence and Self Reflection worksheet. Use this to ask yourself the tough questions, and get on a journey of real self reflection, so that you can really begin to know yourself. True confidence, is a journey. You have to be willing to work on yourself everyday, until that confidence comes naturally. The way…

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    What is your story, and why does it matter?

    We all have a story to tell. You might not think yours is worth sharing, but I promise you that whether you choose to share it or not, your story has huge meaning in everything you have done, and everything you plan to do. Your story changes constantly as you go through life, making new decisions and doing new things. It is key to understanding yourself, and it’s time to get familiar with it. What is your story? Your history, is your story. Your upbringing, your beliefs and values. Your past experiences and relationships. They all play a role in the woman you are right now, and the woman you…

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    What is the point of life?

    Have you ever asked yourself, what is the point of life?   No matter who you are, or what you believe, I’m sure at some point you have found yourself contemplating your life, and life in general, and asking yourself; What is the point of life? Why are we here? What is the meaning of it all? I find myself in that same stage right now, a few days after my 33rd birthday. I don’t think my birthday was a catalyst for this feeling, but rather everything that has been happening throughout this year.   You see, I’ve told my story quite a few times, but if you don’t know…

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    Am I depressed, if I’m not sad? Is it High functioning depression and anxiety?

    So I’ve taken a break from talking about my depression because frankly, it started to annoy me. The whole idea of it, admitting that I “have” it, and sharing the story just became a burden to me. I wanted to feel “normal”. And I stopped taking my meds, partly because I couldn’t afford it, and partly because I felt like I didn’t really need it.  So here’s the thing, I feel fine. I think. I don’t have those extreme lows, or thoughts of suicide or feeling worthless. I feel better. BUT, I’m extremely irritable, EXTREMELY irritable. I also don’t really want to socialise, talk about myself or what’s going on…

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    Is entrepreneurship worth it if you lose everything?

    I am the chairwoman for SACBW Cape Town, my job is to empower businesswomen with meetings and talks by experienced and amazing speakers who have been through the business world and can help us up and comers. I am the Founder of Power Woman Project, an NPC I created to empower teen girls who lack confidence and self belief. These two titles came about because I entered Mrs SA and met amazing women who believed in me. I remember being a teenager, I remember it clearly and vividly because it was hard. Our family was dealing with a lot of turmoil, my parents did not have a happy marriage, and…

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