vision boards - the power woman project

Vision Boards and planning for 2018!

Have you ever heard of a Vision Board? 2018 is just TWO months away, time to start setting those new goals! Vision Boards are a great way to visualize all the goals you have in a creative way, and if you’re a visual person like I am, you’ll love this idea. The first time I […]

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Mrs South Africa and Mpact Recycling campaign

Kenridge Primary and Mrs South Africa finalist, talk recycling!

Award winning Kenridge Primary and Mrs South Africa finalist, join forces for Mpact!   On 20 October 2017, Michelle Bekker, visited Kenridge Primary┬áto congratulate them on their award winning efforts. Michelle also drove home the importance of keeping up with their good work. Kenridge Primary was awarded R30 000 from the Glass Recycling Company earlier […]

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21 questions to get to know yourself better

21 Questions to get to know yourself better

How can you start building your confidence? Confidence comes with knowing who you are and loving that person! It doesn’t mean that you assume everyone will like you, it’s being ok when someone doesn’t, here are 21 Questions to get to know yourself better and build your confidence! Building your self confidence is a process, […]

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Part 3, Cancer.

Vanessa Hudson has been dealt some tough blows, but join us in reading the 3rd and final installment of her journey.   Part 3 – Cancer. (If you missed it, read Part 1 here)   When we saw the specialist,he told us that depending the size of the tumor I might have to have a […]

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