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    12 Healthy Habits Every Girl Boss Should Own

    Remember ladies, there are no shortcuts or lazy ways Let’s do this. 12 Healthy Habits Every Girl Boss Should Own There are many characteristics, traits and habits most girl bosses swear by, almost as if they have created their own personal recipe. When developing the role and attitude of a girl boss, you need to be able to be disciplined, committed and devoted, especially when it comes to your strengths and habits that YOU will create. These habits are for the newbie girl bosses, who need a bit of guidance and healthy habit start, or even for the powerful girl bosses who need to change some things up and tweak…

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    Don’t just write about it … YOUR TIME TO SHINE Say you have a goal in mind and want to write out all the details, or are pouring your soul out into a diary entry, why just stop at writing it down? As a creative person, I always think that if you have the liberty to do so, why don’t you put a creative spin on your written work? Don’t just write about it, maybe surround it with related doodles or turn it into a song or story. If you are a creative person like myself and are not swamped with work, turning subjects that you would normally just write…

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    6 ways to clear the clutter in your life

    Clutter, it’s not just all the crap lying around your house. Mind, soul and life clutter is just as damaging.   In the last 48 hours, I’ve had a total mental breakdown. I felt my whole mind crumble and become non-functional. I got through the day on fumes, so to speak. I still had to be here for my son, so I powered through and breathed an absolute sigh of relief when he was in bed. Knowing that he would be going back to school today and I could now take some time to regroup. It’s 11am and I have spent most of the morning avoiding everything in my life.…

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    Vision Boards and planning for 2018!

    Have you ever heard of a Vision Board? 2018 is just TWO months away, time to start setting those new goals! Vision Boards are a great way to visualize all the goals you have in a creative way, and if you’re a visual person like I am, you’ll love this idea. The first time I ever heard about this concept, was through Oprah, who had been discussion ‘Dream Boards’ on her show. She subsequently had a great section on her website where you could actually go and create one for yourself. While it doesn’t seem like you can do it on her website anymore, there are other ways to get…

  • Mrs South Africa and Mpact Recycling campaign
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    Kenridge Primary and Mrs South Africa finalist, talk recycling!

    Award winning Kenridge Primary and Mrs South Africa finalist, join forces for Mpact!   On 20 October 2017, Michelle Bekker, visited Kenridge Primary to congratulate them on their award winning efforts. Michelle also drove home the importance of keeping up with their good work. Kenridge Primary was awarded R30 000 from the Glass Recycling Company earlier in 2017. As the regional winner of TGRC’s annual Schools Glass Recycling Competition, Kenridge collected 50 515 kg’s of glass bottles and jars in 2016!     Mrs South Africa and Mpact Recycling. Mrs South Africa and Mpact first joined forces in 2015 to raise awareness about the benefits of recycling to consumers. Joani Johnson, CEO of…

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