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    6 ways to clear the clutter in your life

    Clutter, it’s not just all the crap lying around your house. Mind, soul and life clutter is just as damaging.   In the last 48 hours, I’ve had a total mental breakdown. I felt my whole mind crumble and become non-functional. I got through the day on fumes, so to speak. I still had to be here for my son, so I powered through and breathed an absolute sigh of relief when he was in bed. Knowing that he would be going back to school today and I could now take some time to regroup. It’s 11am and I have spent most of the morning avoiding everything in my life.…

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    Confidence and Self reflection worksheet

    Confidence and Self reflection Worksheet Get to know and love yourself, and prepare to slay 2018!     It will come as no surprise to you, that the Power Woman Project is all about confidence and the drive to have YOU believe in your abilities. The first item in our new list of empowerment freebies, is the Confidence and Self Reflection worksheet. Use this to ask yourself the tough questions, and get on a journey of real self reflection, so that you can really begin to know yourself. True confidence, is a journey. You have to be willing to work on yourself everyday, until that confidence comes naturally. The way…

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    What is your story, and why does it matter?

    We all have a story to tell. You might not think yours is worth sharing, but I promise you that whether you choose to share it or not, your story has huge meaning in everything you have done, and everything you plan to do. Your story changes constantly as you go through life, making new decisions and doing new things. It is key to understanding yourself, and it’s time to get familiar with it. What is your story? Your history, is your story. Your upbringing, your beliefs and values. Your past experiences and relationships. They all play a role in the woman you are right now, and the woman you…

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    Authentic, real and honest, in 7 steps!

    How I embraced my authentic self:   What is wrong with embracing and expressing your authentic self? This past weekend, I was really irritated and snippy, and I wasn’t sure why. I was sitting at one point, drinking a cup of coffee, when it dawned on me. I was irritated because of all the hate and insults I had been receiving (more on this story in another post). I also realised that this has been a problem for me all my life, and I’m sure many can agree. If like pop music, or Justin Bieber, or you’re “shallow”. If like pink, or glitter, or makeup, or you’re “materialistic and fake”.…

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    Vision Boards and planning for 2018!

    Have you ever heard of a Vision Board? 2018 is just TWO months away, time to start setting those new goals! Vision Boards are a great way to visualize all the goals you have in a creative way, and if you’re a visual person like I am, you’ll love this idea. The first time I ever heard about this concept, was through Oprah, who had been discussion ‘Dream Boards’ on her show. She subsequently had a great section on her website where you could actually go and create one for yourself. While it doesn’t seem like you can do it on her website anymore, there are other ways to get…

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