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    12 Healthy Habits Every Girl Boss Should Own

    Remember ladies, there are no shortcuts or lazy ways Let’s do this. 12 Healthy Habits Every Girl Boss Should Own There are many characteristics, traits and habits most girl bosses swear by, almost as if they have created their own personal recipe. When developing the role and attitude of a girl boss, you need to be able to be disciplined, committed and devoted, especially when it comes to your strengths and habits that YOU will create. These habits are for the newbie girl bosses, who need a bit of guidance and healthy habit start, or even for the powerful girl bosses who need to change some things up and tweak…

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    Don’t just write about it … YOUR TIME TO SHINE Say you have a goal in mind and want to write out all the details, or are pouring your soul out into a diary entry, why just stop at writing it down? As a creative person, I always think that if you have the liberty to do so, why don’t you put a creative spin on your written work? Don’t just write about it, maybe surround it with related doodles or turn it into a song or story. If you are a creative person like myself and are not swamped with work, turning subjects that you would normally just write…

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    Vuyo Joboda – Power Woman Up & Comer

    vuyo Joboda up-and-comer. noun. (informal) someone who shows promise in a particular field and appears likely to be successful. Vuyo… Vuyo Joboda. Is a 19-year- old Entrepreneur, Motivational speaker, Fashion creative, MC,Performer and UCT Theatre; Performance student. Vuyo is the proud owner of Perez Empire PTY(LTD). She started her journey her entrepreneurship in 2014 when I was 15 with the inception of Perez Empire Events. As a local and national Pageant Queen, Vuyo had a passion and love for giving back to her community, hence her decision to host a local beauty pageant in her community. Vuyo Joboda is currently the Owner and Director of Perez Empire Events. Her business…

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    Organisation 101 for 2018 – POWER TEENS

    New year, better you. 12 new chapters. 365 new chances. Organisation 101 for Twenty Eighteen. Twenty Eighteen. A new year. New chapters. New experiences. New memories. New beginnings. As much as a fresh start is needed for everyone, whether they want to admit it or not, it’s not always the easiest to act upon… But don’t worry, I got you covered girl. The next few pages will be a little guide on how to slay this New Year, in every aspect. Giving you the simple but essential tools to be the best and most beautiful version of you! jen murray The key to being a little less stressed and a…

  • yvette hess
    Inspiring women

    Yvette Hess – Artist, Blogger, Mental Health Activist

    At 31, I have finally learned the art of embracing who I am AND why I am the way I am. I embrace my entire story, the ups and downs and I celebrate the in's and outs. I think for the first time in my life, I am being authentic; daring to love my own story. When I paint or write, a special kind of magic fires me up because I know who I am. There's no shame. Creativity has allowed me to heal.

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