The Power Woman Project is all about the celebration of women, every shape and size, from all walks of life. You'll find



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Build self confidence, handle bullying, learn to be safe on social media, manage your mental health, plan for your future and love your looks step by step!


The first of it’s kind in South Africa, we’re all about empowering young women step by step.


Through our blog, FB group and page, AND empowerment workshops for teen girls and grown women, we focus on building confidence and self esteem, educating about bullying and mental health and being safe and responsible on social media. We love to include inspirational guest speakers to share their stories, and encourage confidence through dressing for your body type, to feel good about yourself in your own skin. We find that many women and teen girls alike are struggling to find their place in the world and we place a lot of focus on loving yourself just as you are.


Throughout the year, we cover the following topics at our workshops and events:

Workshops are from 9am to 4pm.

Peer Pressure
Self Defense
Confidence and getting to know and love yourself
Makeup, style and skincare
Career / Finances
Sexual Activity and Puberty
Pageant and model coaching
Depression / Anxiety / Mental Health
Additional topics as requested.

Everyone gets an essence Makeup kit at each workshop!


Why? Because we are all power women, and sometimes we just need  help reminding ourselves of that.




Welcome, to the Power Woman Project!



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