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Empowering the inspirational women of South Africa.

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The Power Woman Project is all about the celebration of women, every shape and size, from all walks of life.

Founded by Keri Stroebel, a digital marketer and social empowerment advocate based in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Though Empire Digital,  assist small businesses and entrepreneurs by creating entry level websites, Brand Identity and Digital Marketing training to help them get started”

Keri is also a motivational speaker on mental health and women empowerment, a former Mrs South Africa Semifinalist 2016, Mrs Africa Finalist 2016 and says he is addicted to the thrill of chasing success!

“You’ll find that I am very honest and try my best to keep it real, because I believe, that is where we relate to each other. None of us are perfect, and we’re all dealing with our unique struggles and successes.

My goal with this project, is to encourage more woman to believe that who and what they are, is enough, and to give them the tools, advice, mentorship and the platform to get what they believe they are not able to learn anywhere else.

From a business perspective, I hope to one day be able to employ young people are entering the workforce and looking for experience. I remember being that kid, looking for a shot that no one could offer me because I needed experience, but couldn’t find the job that would teach me, and help me learn and gain that experience, without doing it for free. Many of these young people cannot work for free, we all need to eat. It’s my ultimate goal in life, to give people what I desperately needed when I was young”

No matter who we are, no matter what we believe, and no matter where we come from, let’s embrace our differences, and show compassion to each other. Start understanding that everyone has a reason for being the way they are.

The Power Woman Project is all about giving you the tools to empower YOURSELF!

Workshops have been our main focus, but 2018 brings evolution with it, and we will not only be expanding outside of Cape Town, to the rest of South Africa, but we will be adding online courses, website membership and communities.

Our biggest challenge?

It will come as no surprise to know that hosting workshops, is expensive. It will also come as no surprise that the majority of our population cannot afford to pay what we need to charge to make these events possible, which at a minimum costs R1500 per girl per weekend, all inclusive.

What happens at the workshops?

Workshops start on Friday afternoons, and finish on Sunday Afternoons.

We cover everything from why sisterhood is important, how to celebrate who you are, without feeling the need to change to fit in with what everyone else wants. We cover discussions on self confidence and how to build your self belief. We have experts discussing how to stay safe on social media, what to look out for, what to report and then a class on self defense.

We spent our first year finding out exactly what the women of South Africa really want, and need to know. Because of this, we have added sessions on entrepreneurship, the basics of digital marketing and using social media and the basics of tax, business registration and managing your finances.

We have also included sessions on looking and feeling your best, from makeup, to wellness to mental health and dressing to feel good, all without spending a fortune.

On top of this, we include some yoga, team building, self reflection worksheets, a Power Woman workbook and pamper and chat sessions in the evening.

The goal is for every woman to leave with a goal, some motivation, inspiration and the drive to go out and accomplish!



Where can you join the movement of Inspiration and motivation for women?

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